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Over 30 years of experience in the water filtration business.
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Pure Drinking Water? We’ve Got It Down Cold.

WATER PURIFICATION & WATER TREATMENT SERVICES IN ALL OF CENTRAL FLORIDA. Do you cringe every time you take a sip of water? Wouldn’t you prefer drinking water that makes your mouth water? Central Florida Water Treatment, Inc. has the perfect solution for you. We provide water treatment and purification services for residential and commercial clients in all of Central Florida. You’ll be enjoying fresh and clean water in no time!

Water as nature intended

With over 30 years of experience in the water filtration business, we have some of the best water treatment solutions available in the Central Florida area. You can count on us to:

  • Purify your water system to enhance the water quality
  • Treat your water to remove bacteria, iron and sulfur
  • Install purification systems and water systems
  • Repair valves, storage tanks and brine tanks on water systems

We take pride in providing fast and effective water treatment solutions at the lowest prices possible. You’ll always have a refreshing experience when you call on the Central Florida Water Treatment team!

3 reasons to hire the H2O experts at Central Florida Water Treatment

You shouldn’t have to spend money on bottled water just to have water you can stand to drink. At Central Florida Water Treatment, our goal is to provide clean, fresh water to homes, schools, hospitals, restaurants and offices year-round. Below are a few reasons we’re the preferred choice for residential and commercial clients in the Central Florida area:

  1. We remove sulfur, E.coli, iron and other contaminants from your water
  2. Our water treatments are safe, odorless and chemical-free
  3. We offer a 10% discount on all services for senior citizens, firemen, police officers and military personnel

Don’t take another sip of water until you’ve called Central Florida Water Treatment, Inc. serving all of Central Florida. We look forward to providing you with pure and refreshing water solutions. Royal Express Limousine